Narrow pixel led display screen


Pixel Pitch 1.56mm
View Distance 1 (Min) To 100M
Pixel constitution SMD 1R1PG1B
Cabinet Resolution 384*216mm
Cabinet Size 600* 337.5mm
Contrast Ratio 10000:1
Mode can choose 1.56mm/1.66mm/1.875mm

GOB P1.56 P1.25 Full Color 2K 4K LED Video Wall


1. Fully front service, fix it to wall directly which save space and installation time.
2. Wide color gamut, uniform color; 3840Hz high refresh rate, no tailing, ghosting phenomenon;
3. Natural heat dissipation, ultra-quiet and fanless design;
4. Die-cast aluminum design, CNC finishing, the cabinet flatness is very good.

Front maintainance design
There is no need for maintenance channel behind the screen.
It can be attached to wall to save time and space 

Wide Viewing Angle









  1. use for broadcasting
  2. led video wall display
  3. led video wall display


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