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How to choose the size for your led displays

First you should confirm the screen is what to do?

If for display message or text post,single,bicolour led display screen is fulfill,sure you can choose any size by yourself, But if for picture,video or animation display,must use full color screen,due to full colour screen at least 50000 pixel to fulfill best picture, So you should calculate the total pixel.
For example: suppose you want to buy display screen outdoor p10 for outdoor full color screen,from the prameter you can see the Pixel per square meter is 10000 Pixel,so the best size is more 50000 / 10000 =5,so five square meter is the least.

May be you will ask,why you can not provide the same size i wanted?sorry,due to the led module size is fix,can not change,and the display screen is assemble by led module, so the only we can do is provided the most close size compare your wanted size.

For example: may be you want a 5M * 4M outdoor led screen p10,due to p10 led module size is 160mm * 160mm,so we will be design 8(length)*5(width)=40 cabinets to you,each cabinet size is 0.64m(L) * 0.8M(W),so final size is 8*0.64=5.12m, 5*0.8=4m,that is most close 5 * 4 m,more information about cabinet,module you can visit our another website outdoor led wall realize

Sure,if you do not want calculate,we will help you to calculate soon.

Help you realize the outdoor led video wall

You are first time contact the outdoor led video wall?or you want buy but not know that,this section will give you help
First:the outdoor led wall is compose by thousands of led(light-emitting diode),led have three colors red,green,blue,we said rgb,it can display 16777216 color,so we use it display any video you want.

Sencond:LED panel is a small display, a component of a larger display,we use these led panel compose the outdoor led displays dimension you wanted, however, due to the led panel dimension is fix,so we just can provide the most closed size to you want,the more please visit How to choose the size for your led displays

Third:the special cabinet for your outdoor led video wall,the main function is can prevent water and rust,the also important is the cabinet is easy install,our outdoor cabinet protect rate is really IP65

Finally,we can see a brief diagram as below,led -> led panel -> led cabinet ->outdoor led video,please note all of above led is the dip type

How to choose the type of led displays

First:you should know where is the led displays will be install?indoor,outdoor or on the vehicle,rent,fix or mobil,supposing outdoor led video wall,we will use the special cabinet for ati-water and rust,supposing rent,we will use the the special aluminum cabinet for easy install and uninstall,supposing for mobil or led vehicle displays,we will use special power supply and add a additional power generater,

Second:you should confirm the screen is what to do?If for display message or text post,single,bicolour led signs is fulfill, but if for picture,video or animation display,must use fullcolor led display.

Third:the view distance also another factor for choose the type of led displays,from product list and how to easy estimate the best view distance you will find the detail parameter of the type of led displays and how to estimate the view distance

Best view distance for your led displays

The most easy way estimate the best view distance is by the distance of two pixel of your led displays, for example: display screen outdoor p10 the "10" means the distance of two pixel nearby,sure,the unit is mm,but you can estimate approximate 10M is the nearest view your led displays,and the 10M * 3 =30 M is the most suitable distance view your led screen,So
display screen outdoor p12 best view distance 12-36m
display screen outdoor p16 best view distance 16-48m
display screen outdoor p20 best view distance 20-60m

May be you will ask how long is the farthest view distance,the answer is that it's decide by your led screen altitude,same example by P10 led displays,if your screen is high:3M,the farthest view distance is 3M * 30 =90M,so the 90m is the farthest view distance. So,finally,we know that

The nearest view distance:  the distance of the pixel+M
The suitable view distance:  the distance of the pixel * 3
The farthest view distance:  the altitude of your led displays * 30

how to choose led display control card

Usually,if for full color led display,synchronization control system will be good,we use Linsn control system for our product,you can choose TS801/TS802,the difference of them is TS802(1600*400) support more pixel than 801(1280*512),TS803 is for fiber transfer,when your led display is long away your computer,you can choose this type. you can download the newest software led studio. for single or two color,use asychronism system,you can choose so many this type control card,usually,we use Lytech,SCL2008,cl2005,cl3000.

There some special led display control card we need to list to you
1)wireless control system,it supoort GPRS or Gsm,but only for single or two-color led display,due to the information transfer by wireless is slow and limited,but for single and two color led display,it is enough and very convenient.
2)outside synchronization control card,when you use laptop for control yoru led display screen,you should choose this type
3)asynchronim full color control card,when your led display do not usually change billboard or informaion,you can choose this type,we recommend supper comm, but this type card not support big led screen.

If you are interest above information or have question,please do not hesitate contact me,our engineer will reply within 12 hours

Dip,smd,dot matrix led difference

May be you are confused when choose which type of led display,Dot Matrix led, SMD led displays or DIP led displays, you can compare the price,the brightness,the working life and the clarity of the display,then choose the best type for youself

Led sign | signs issue repair

How to repair the led signs issue,after read the below page will give some help.

A)the led sign not display or display grid
1.check your computer if startup(suppose it's synchronization) 2.check the data line if connect 3.the sending card if plug. 4.check your computer screen if protect stat,we recommand do not set screen protect.

B)start the softerware cannt find the digital sign signal
the COM interface or RJ45 interface between the sending card data line not connect,or the COM interface have issue

C)the whole electronic sign shake
please the display card between sending card DVI line

E)the led sign module not display
the whole displays module not display,check the issue led signs module with the right led sign module,or check the chip 245 if right
the whole upright digital sign not display,check the power supply,+5v or GND if connect,or +5v with gnd if short circuit.
the electronic sign one line not display,check the 4953 chip if cold joint
the electronic sign two line display(one line display right,one line still display),check the two line signal if short circuit.


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